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), but she engagingly makes the role her own even as she delivers a faithful reproduction of its originator's (nonsinging) character voice.

Malibu-born-and-bred Elle is the stereotypical perfect product of her environment, an apparent bubblehead with the body, hair, wardrobe and money to make most guys say, "Who cares if it has a brain?

Heading to Harvard Law in the fall, with plans to be "a senator by 30," Warner can't afford anymore to have a living Barbie as consort. Latter duet is a good example of how "Legally Blonde" composer-lyricists Laurence O'Keefe ("Bat Boy") and Nell Benjamin utilize the pop, R&B and hip-hop party sounds of recent MTV decades to enjoyably semi-satirical ends -- after all, boy bands, "American Idol"-style canned soul and booty-shaking anthems would be the logical soundtrack for Elle's worldview.

On first listen, the songs don't impress as being worth much repetition outside the show's infectious performance context.

Then he sends PM's &/or has sex with (oral also) these women. But I am aware & know people who have, and have done stuff with him..underage. I am sick of his behavior to these girls & his fans.

He wont ever be a star, you are all right, he can only play one character. dont get me wrong I love Roger but I think he also hurts teenage girls without realizing it..a MANWHORE..fucks anything with a pulse & gets head from anyone....

Figuring she can win Warner back if she proves she's "serious" after all, she crams enough to actually gain admission to Harvard.

Rather than penning a personal essay, however, her application climaxes with a halftime Super Bowl cheer squad routine performed for the initially incredulous Law School dean in his office.

Callahan (Michael Rupert), legal eagle of a billion-dollar firm.The original was already virtual musical comedy minus the songs. tryout is already a genuinely likable, splashy crowd-pleaser that could prove grumble-proof come its May Rialto launch.It also sported a lightweight but sturdy plot that could lose little in translation; indeed, both the 2001 pic and its 2003 sequel were so formulaic that a tuner might stand a reasonable chance of improvement. This fuchsia fluffsicle, socked over by choreographer-turned-director Jerry Mitchell, might not win over those opposed on principal to the Hollywoodization of Broadway. The movies, inspired by Amanda Brown's comic novel, offered one simple hook (think "Born Yesterday" meets "Valley Girl") and routine situations singlehandedly redeemed by Reese Witherspoon's star turn as Elle Woods.He informs new students that only "some lawyers are sharks.The rest are chum." Ridiculed Elle finds emotional support in brassy Bostonian hairdresser Paulette (Orfeh) and academic motivation from Emmett (Christian Borle), the teaching assistant-cum-working-class hero cast as improved romantic-fadeout material.

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