Dating iraq war veteran

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Reintegration, coming home to a world that didn't stop, and then another baby on the way? The anger, the adjustment issues and much much more just played havoc on our bedroom frolicking.

Pregnancy hormones this time just didn't allow me to have much fun, and well, his attitude towards me, my other two children and the issues he was having just sincerely turned me off.

Maybe I should consider looking into sex toys and installing a pool with a very good looking pool boy.

I am an anti-oppression activist and feminist who recently entered (and then quickly exited) the dating scene in Boston.

Something I think it has just gone forever....forever lost in the land of sand and camels.

I used to have a sticker that said "Sexually Deprived for Your Freedom"...takes on a whole new interpretation now doesn't it?

” or “How could you support the Israeli government?

Sex...a subject that I haven't found to be mentioned on some of these blogs with authors who are spouses living with someone who has PTSD/TBI.

Aren't we all grown ups and can speak of such a subject without the blushing, or the inward eye roll?

Once the baby was born, I had my tubes tied, and things settled back was more like hallway sex...know.....passing through the hallway and saying "screw you". Now I know some of you are facing the same thing, so don't be shy. I just didn't think it would happen right now before we even passed through our pre-mid life crisis. The thing that frustrates me is that my husband has always had a high sex drive.

I then noticed the coldness, the lack of emotions, not to mention the nightmares and sleep walking in which kept me up all night. Sex is occasional and has been since he has been to the VA and they medicated him. My husband has never been the one to admit the problems, and of course, the PTSD has made him paranoid, and defensive. in the morning, he comes dragging in to bed, extremely doped up and partially wake only to flop into bed and begin snoring. Yet dammit, I feel that it's me and don't know why! He could probably mess around every single day if he wanted to, and more than once. I want to yell and say "hey dumbass, it's not" but I keep thinking that this is a serious blow to a man's ego, and I don't want to hurt him although he continuously hurts me.

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