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He also ran a theater with his partner for many years. I think he (and the rest of the cast) have largely avoided discussing their personal lives, and definitely their sexualities.Star Wars money has allowed him to concentrate on, and fund projects, at the theater.[quote]How do openly Gay British actors ever get work in the UK? Alright, I'm bumping up my Samuel Barnett, slut, thread I created yesterday. Its hard enough to go through these things in my mind without being scrutinised about it so there are times when you want to close the door and say my sexuality is my own personal business."His PR people claim they have proof the interview was a fake and never took place.Which I find shocking, but he made a film with his friends, Third Star, it was criticized for having strong homophobic language, yet Cumberbatch and the Director, a close friend of his, said it was a positive film for young heterosexual men. Product Description[quote]For ten years, Ned Melcombe, spoilt son of Oxfordshire landowner, has held sacred the memory of his first love: the beautiful, golden-haired Lewis.

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Ian Mc Diarmid, who played the Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious in the Star Wars films. And for those that mentioned singers (even though that deviates from the thread topic), Mark Feehily from Westlife and his boyfriend/fiance Kevin Mc Daid.[quote]And for those that mentioned singers (even though that deviates from the thread topic), Mark Feehily from Westlife and his boyfriend/fiance Kevin Mc Daid. Again, he could very well be straight - it's just that I follow Merlin and haven't heard him address his personal life before, so hearing that he'd somehow maintained he was straight was news to me.Russell Tovey fucked BISEXUAL gay singer Danyl Johnson from X Factor, the guy Simon Cowell was desperate to shove back into the closet even though he was more prevelant on the London gay scene than HIV. For instance, I don't buy Ricky Martin's reasoning for coming out to the public. There are many actors who do this now, and give bullshit reasons for doing so. It wasn't meant to be witty, just stating that you can't expect everyone who gives gossip to state exactly how they know it. A celebrity and/or their team will find out what is being said about them online, the internet is not a secret.r189, dishing more dirt is not the same as saying, "What's your name? All we want is more dirt, and something more concrete to put credence into that info.Speaking of HIV, Russell's best friend, his "sister" Matt Cain, the swishy Channel 4 news presenter, is a pozzed up cum pig, who's more load crazy than Dawson. It helps gay youth, and getting a face out there, but these people aren't doing it for altruistic reasons IMHO.[quote]You're not witty, hun. As you've probably noticed, many of us 'do' have information -- some more than others.And when he did his stint on the Chris Moyles Show last spring (for one whole week) he found every woman attractive.The team even made fun of the fact that he would say that. :)You just jogged my memory on him as regards how lowkey he is and uses genderless formats in interviews.

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