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I've only tried mine once and if anyone is interested in a swap let me know! اوکی، این عطر مال بیشتر از سی سال پیشه و طبیعیه که بوش براتون آشنا بیاد.یه صابون داو هم دقیقاً با همین بو داریم، ولی خب این دلیل نمیشه که بوش بد باشه یا تکراری و خسته کنند باشه ، بر عکس بوش به نظر من بویی ماندگار،شاداب و بدون تاریخ مصرفه.اگه دنبال بوهای شاداب خنک با موندگاری و پخش مناسب هستید و تاریخ عرضه براتون اهمیت نداره این عطر شماست. تنها نکته منفی اسپریشه که قابل کنترل نیست و نمیشه مقدار کمی ازش اسپری کرد و همیشه یه میزان ثابت نسبتاً زیاد خروجی داره.ضمناً همونطور که خارجکیا پایین گفتن، به نظرم یونی هم هست و خانمها هم میتونن ازش استفاده کنن.OK, this is a cologne released 32 years ago, so it's predictable that would smell familiar.از چیزای جالبش تفکیک جالب بوهاشه که میشه خیلی از نتها مثل بادام و رز رو خیلی دقیق استشمام کرد.اونی که من خریدم ساخت آمریکاست و اون کیسه خوشگل رو هم داره.

On my skin it's more sweet and a bit musty as opposed to bright, fresh and clean! I was so hoping it would be more fresh, clean, aroma-therapeutic and cologne smelling! It smells OK, likeable enough and certainly not offensive and/or dated but for me it falls far short of my hopes for it.Because while it may be easy to immediately love the chocolate notes of a gourmand fragrance, for example, you simply need a certain level of sophistication to appreciate and enjoy Grey Flannel. This is one of those fragrances that some love and others hate. I felt like I had a scalpel inserted into my nostril, twisted around a few times, and then someone shoved a bunch of wild garlic or a crocus bulb or something up there! I don't understand how people can cope with this stuff, and I personally like barbershop fragrances too! I love it on a crisp fall day, and I imagine it would fare well in spring too.Astringent opening which isn't displeasing but is quite particular and a tiny bit medicinal. I read on here that Grey Flannel is green, but it comes across to me as GREEEEEEEEEN, and unfortunately in a horrible synthetic, acrid, almost acidic kind of way. I blind purchased a 120ml (4fl.oz) bottle of this hoping it might be similar in some ways to my beloved Tuscan Soul and Acqua di Parma Colonia.Real beauties avid for cock, moody to share and provide the best nudity scenes in smashing moments of extra spicy porn.Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. This was one of my signature scents in the eighties, just bought a bottle for the good memories. It got lost in all the releases and trends these days, and I understand why, but it's nevertheless a real good, sophisticated and warm scent.

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    I was once chatting with a guy who was an ex policeman and now worked in security at Canary Wharf, when we arranged the first meet, he suggested I go to his house first and then we could walk to the pub together, when I said NO and gave my reasons he cancelled the meet totally.....really couldn't see what he had suggested was wrong, until I asked him how he would react if his 19 year old daughter told him she was going to meet a total stranger at his house ?

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