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The piety of these devout Moravians moved him to admiration. Lee: “The John M es- ■ Chatham 633 ley who went out to Georgia was still in a crysallis con- dition ; he had yet to learn how to expand his wings. The Cradle of ( 1 Thr’ough John and Charles Wesley, the early life of Methodism. 2 The Houston County Academy was incorporated in 1833. In- deed, he questioned the genuineness of his conversion prior to meeting them. It is not true that his career in Georgia was the utter failure it has been represented to be in many treatises. was hampered by the uncertain condi- tion of will which is apt to precede some great spiritual change. Savannah and of the Colony of Georgia is linked with one of the most powerful religious movements of the eighteenth century. But Perry was not satisfied with one school and proceeded to organize a Baptist College for young ladies, which afterwards grew into the Houston Female College, under which name it was re-incorporated on February 18, 1854, with the fol- lowing board of trustees: Samuel F'elder, president; John Killen, vice-president; Hugh L. Ooh this is a hard one…partly because I like to hashtag a lot! I really like wearing blacks and whites, or neutral colors but adding pops of color throughout. I'll wear a printed pant but with a black top and black flats.I don't necessarily have one specific place that I always go to. I have pieces from Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and I find things at Forever 21, too! Switching up where I go allows me to mix and match different styles together when I'm creating an outfit.In fact, a grave-mound, distant some half a mile from the Sir Walter Raleigh. However, it was not until the}' became students at Oxford that they acquired the austere habits of life which set them peculiarly apart; and here, in association with congenial spirits, few in number but kindred in charac- ter, they formed a club, which drew upon them no small amount of ridicule and abuse. The name which finally stuck — Methodists — seems to have been given to them by a fallow of Merton College. 632 Georgia’s Landmarks, Memorials and Legends though I should never see them more.” Thus admon- ished, he waived his scruples and agreed to accompany Oglethorpe to Georgia, his special desire being for mis- sionary work among the Indians; and for this purpose he came with full religious ordination. At first John Wesley declined the offer of Oglethorpe. Eut Charles en- gaged himself in the capacity of private, secretary to Oglethorpe; and his acceptance of purely secular work in preference to holy orders is said to have given offense to John, whose paramount reason for sailing to Georgia was “to save his soul.” But Charles, almost from the outset, felt himself to be a misfit. Trendy or not, I think you should wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Well, I did have a watermelon dress when I was 5 so…don't really know about that.

I've always been into fashion and I love looking through the spreads in Harper's Bazaar and W magazine.

She has an eye for colors and can be seen regularly sporting fun outfits on campus and around Chapel Hill.

Her fun and loving personality is visible even through her clothes, and that’s why she’s the perfect candidate for a campus style exposé!

An- other of the Oxford band who joined the brothers was Benjamin Ingham, a man of parts, who later joined the Moravian brethren, married a titled lady, and became the head of a sect called the Inghamites.

It was late in the fall of the year when two vessels, the Symond and the London Merchant, each of 220 tons burden, quit the English docks, bearing three hundred emigrants to Georgia. Among the passengers were twenty-six Mora- vians, whose demeanor during the progress of a some- what stormy voyage made an extraordinary impression upon the Oxford men; and such was John Wesley’s eager ’desire to converse with them that he immediately began the study of German and acquired no little familiarity with the language before reaching port.

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