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Bishop Johnston saw the need to provide young men with a classical liberal and scientific education that would enable them to go on to careers in business, agriculture and ranching, the Church, the civil service, and the officer corps of the United States Army.He set out to develop "the Christian character amongst the rising generation...TMI is the oldest Episcopal college preparatory school in the American Southwest.Founded as West Texas School for Boys, the school was later known as West Texas Military Academy, and popularly nicknamed 'West Point on the Rio Grande', though it is several hours from the Rio Grande itself.The TMI corps, under the command of LTC Santiago Bueno (USA, Ret.), MSG Chad Gooding (USA, Ret.) and CPT Micheal Escalera (USA, Ret.), is affiliated with the United States Army's Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps and is ranked as an Honor Unit with Distinction, the highest ranking for a school JROTC program.Due to its high ranking, TMI cadets can apply for places at United States Service academies without the congressional recommendation usually required.In 1926, the name was changed to Texas Military Institute.

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Hence, WTMA may be counted among other church schools such as Saint James in Maryland (1842), St. Allan Lucien Burleson, had been prepared at the Shattuck School, founded by J. Breck was a protege of the great William Augustus Muhlenberg, "father" of the church school in America. WTMA was largely funded by donations from wealthy residents of the eastern seaboard, many of whom had been inspired by speeches Johnston had given on the importance of academic and moral education for all young men. Bondurant changed the name to "Texas Military Institute." In 1936 Bishop Capers, feeling the pinch created by the Great Depression, sold TMI to Bondurant, who sold the school back to the Episcopal Church in 1952.Companies are completely organized by the students, with each company having a senior company commander and a junior first sergeant.The companies are divided into two platoons, with two or three squads in each platoon.It can also require that the student write a letter of apology.Repeat offenders may be referred to the headmaster.

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